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This year EA Sports is introducing 19 new EA Sports FC 24 Heroes. These are football players that have achieved outstanding performances both domestically and nationally. Each EA FC 24 Hero will get a base version, and a UEFA Champions League or UEFA Women’s Champions League version. We will go over every one of them for you.

Carlos 'El Guerrero' Tevez

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Carlos Tevez is one of Argentina's most iconic strikers. After a successful period in Argentina and Brazil, he made the transfer to West Ham United. Most of the success came when he made the transfer to Manchester City where he played 113 games and scored 63 times. Tevez also played in the Argentinian national squad, for which he scored 13 times.

Gianluca 'La Leggenda' Vialli

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A legend in the Italian football scene, with a bit of a sad twist. Gianluca Vialli died earlier this year at the age of 58. He will however be remembered as one of Italy's best strikers. Most notably his time at Sampdoria, for which he played 223 games and scored 85 times. He played a total of 59 times for the Italian national team.

Alex 'The Accomplished' Scott

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British football hall of famer Alex Scott was next on EA's list to become one of the game's heroes. And that is no surprise, as she is one of the most accomplished football players of all time. Playing mostly as a right-back, Scott appeared in 140 games for the British national team, making her the most capped player in the country.

Nwankwo 'King Kanu' Kanu

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Kanu is a former Nigerian professional footballer, most noted for his time at Ajax and Arsenal. Playing as a forward, he is regarded as one of the most successful African players in history. He appeared 86 times for the Nigerian national team, scoring 12 goals in total.

Bixente 'Dynamo' Lizarazu

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Left-back Lizarazu started his career at the French team Bordeaux, before making the move to Bayern Munich. Known for his excellent passing, technique, and pace, Lizarazu managed to win the World Cup in 1998 and the European Cup in 2000 with arguably France its best era in football yet.

Wesley 'Sureshot' Sneijder

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Considered one of the best midfielders to have ever touched the game, Dutch player Sneijder has accomplished nearly everything. Most notably achieving a Treble with Inter Milan, winning the national competition, the national cup (Coppa Italia), and the Champions League.

John Arne 'The Arctic Soldier' Riise

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Liverpool Legend Riise obviously couldn't be missing from this list. Playing as both a left-back and left midfielder, he was most known for his shooting abilities and unparalleled stamina. Riise made an appearance for the Norwegian national team 110 times, making him the most capped player for the Scandinavian country.

Ludovic 'Spellstrike' Giuly

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French Winger Giuly is most known for his success with Barcelona, winning the Champions League in the 2005-2006 season. Arguably he had his best season at Paris Saint Germain, a few years later. Currently Giuly is an assistant manager at the French club Lyon.

Nadine 'The Wolf' Kessler

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Winning both FIFA's best player of the year and the Ballon'd Or in 2014, Kessler is considered one of the most iconic female football players of all time. Currently, she is UEFA's head of Women's Football, speaking even more to her fame.

Dimitar 'Flashfreeze' Berbatov

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As Bulgaria's all-time top scorer, Berbatov is one of the most iconic football players in its country's history. Known for his technical ability, ball control, and intelligence, he scored over 200 goals in his club career and 48 goals for the Bulgarian national team.

Paulo 'Fast Future' Futre

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Left winger Paulo Futre is a Portuguese player, most known for his time at the Spanish club Atlético Madrid, where he played 163 games and scored 38 times. When he started playing, he often got compared to Argentinian legend Maradona, which speaks to his ability.

Tomáš 'The Conductor' Rosický

Source: EA Sports FC

Rosický is a Czech football player who captained the national team for ten years, appearing for over 100 games. He is currently the number four all-time scorer for the country. In his club career, he played for Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal and is most noted for his play-making abilities.

Rui 'O Maestro' Costa

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Portuguese playmaker Rui Costa is arguably one of the best players to have ever stepped on this football pitch. During his club career, he made over 200 appearances for Fiorentina. For the Portuguese national team, he played 94 times, scoring 26 goals.

Jari 'Kuningas' Litmanen

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Known as Kuningas (The King) in his home country Finland, Litmanen is probably the best Finnish player to have ever stepped on the pitch. The king played for clubs like Ajax, Barcelona, and Liverpool. For Ajax, in his first period for the club (he returned later in his career), he scored 91 goals in 159 matches. He was part of the iconic Ajax team that won the 1995 Champions League.

Sonia 'Bombardier' Bompastor

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Bompastor is the first female to win the Champions League both as a player and a manager, both with the French team Lyon. Bompastor was known as a versatile player, being able to play the left midfield and back side of the pitch.

Damarcus 'Trickybeas' Beasley

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Beasley is arguably one of the most known US players to date. He is the only player from the States to have played in four World Cups for the country, making 126 appearances in total and scoring seventeen goals. Mostly known for his versatility, as he played both on the left wing as well as the left back.

Steve 'Agent Macca' McManaman

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McManaman is regarded as one of England's most achieved players. A winger, he played for Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Manchester City. Appearing more than 400 times and scoring over 50 goals. Most notably though, McManaman was known for his incredible ability to assist other players. 

Vincent 'Kaptain Kompany' Kompany

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One of the best center-backs to have ever played in the Premier League, Vincent Kompany is a name many football fans will not have forgotten. Having played for Manchester City for eleven seasons, and for the national Belgium team for 15 years. Currently, Kompany is managing the English club Burnley. 

Ramires 'The Motor' Santos do Nascimento

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A box-to-box midfielder, Brazilian player Ramires was known for his excellent defensive and attacking play. Most notably his time at Chelsea, for which he appeared 159 times. For the Brazilian national team, he played in 59 matches. 

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