Our EA FC 24 Course is now available!

Team Gullit is proud to announce that our EA FC 24 Course is now available worldwide. Our course includes the latest insights on how to get better in EA FC 24, including dribbling, shooting, passing, finishing, defending, and much more. Each segment is explained to you by one of Team Gullit's coaches or players.

Our course is divided into 31 lessons in a video format. After a small introduction, we lay down the basics of EA FC 24. The meat of the course is divided into attacking, defending, and our tactical coverage. Our course is very well equipped to inspire and teach both the beginning EA FC 24 player, as well as the FIFA veteran. During the EA FC 24 season, we will continue developing the course so we highly advise coming back once in a while after you have finished it.

In total, we have filmed many hours of EA FC 24 footage for you. Each video can be rewatched as many times as you like. If you need more individual help after the course, we suggest taking a look at our 1-ON-1 EA FC 24 Coaching.

The EA FC 24 Course is now available for 29,99 euros.

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Our EA FC 24 Course is now available!


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