These are the best EA FC Mobile tips

Trying to improve at EA FC Mobile? Want to know how to get started, what to look out for and how to become the best EA FC Mobile player? Then read along as we give you the best EA FC Mobile tips.

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Play EA FC Mobile Live Events

Live events are an excellent way to upgrade your squad. There are several solid events throughout the year, some of which you might recognize from EA FC 24. Promotions like EA FC Mobile Team of the Season, Team of the Year, Centurions, Heroes, UCL Road to the Final, and more.

We recommend checking them out on a weekly basis, to see if any of the new promotions went live ingame.

EA FC Mobile Quests and Daily Logins

Another great way to improve your squad is by login in daily. That way you earn daily rewards for doing absolutely nothing - except for starting up EA FC Mobile of course! We also recommend doing your quests, these will give you free gems and EA FC Mobile coins which you can use to upgrade your squad further.

Adjust your EA FC Mobile settings

Settings can make or break your game, and while the impact isn't as big as it is with the regular EA FC 24, these settings in EA FC Mobile can make a difference.

We recommend the following EA FC Mobile settings:

  • Graphics: Utra, lower if you have an older phone or tablet. Adjust according to how the game feels. For the most competitive we recommend medium.

  • Resolution: High

  • Frame Rate: High

  • Post-Effects: Low

  • Crowd: Low or Mediun (Low for competitive)

  • UI Effects: Low or Mediunm (Low for competitive).

Level up your players

In EA FC Mobile, you can level up a player by combining two cards of the same player. This will upgrade their stats, and their training volume. One upgrade will allow you to train a player not five, but ten times. Meaning that upgrading a player not only benefits you directly, but also indirectly through extra training possibilities. We therefore believe this one of the best ways to get better players on a budget.

EA FC Mobile Exchanges (SBCs)

Exchanges are similar to SBCs in EA FC 24, where you can trade in excess players in your squad for new cards. These cards are often among the best, and above all a very low effort and budget friendly way to upgrade your squad. So try to do these every time you have a large excess of cards you do not use.

Pick the right EA FC Mobile Skill Moves

In the Team Editor, next to formations and roles you can pick Skill Moves. We recommend atleast the Scissor, and Rainbow Flick. We feel like these are currently the best Skill Moves to choose in EA FC Mobile

EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is the newest game from developer EA, and the first one bearing the new name after EA and FIFA could not come to an agreement. We do not expect the game to change fundamentally, but obviously, this will change in terms of support and how you would go about searching. Overall, we recommend checking out the best EA Sports FC Controller Settings, the finest EA Sports FC formations, and EA Sports FC defending and attacking tips.

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