About EA FC Mobile

EA FC Mobile is the counterpart to EA FC 24. Formerly known as FIFA Mobile, the game boasts similar gameplay to Ultimate Team. Where players need to purchase player cards on the transfer market, assemble their team, and play with their squad. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about EA FC Mobile and how to get started.

Where to download EA FC Mobile?

You can download EA FC Mobile for both iOS (iPhones), iPadOS (iPads), and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Tablets, etc). The apps can be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store respectively. After you have downloaded the game, it will run updates and ask you to accept the Terms and Services. EA FC Mobile gives you the option to log in with Facebook, Google, Apple, or as a guest.

How does the gameplay work in EA FC Mobile?

When you first enter the game, you will go through a few tutorials to familiarize yourself with the gameplay of EA FC Mobile. For anyone who has played mobile games before, the controls shouldn't come as a surprise. You move your football player with the left side of the screen, similar to using a thumbstick. The right-hand side is used for shooting and sprinting. Halfway through the tutorials, you get your first (bronze) Ultimate Team. After which you will continue your tutorials working on stuff like passing and tackling. The tutorials and lessons are mandatory, after finishing them you can now start your first matches and upgrade your EA FC Mobile Ultimate Team.

How to build and improve your squad in EA FC Mobile?

The simplest answer is obviously by either playing the game and earning rewards, or buying packs in the store. However, we recommend upgrading your team by doing quests and by using one of the unique mechanics EA FC Mobile has: consuming player cards to upgrade a specific card you like. Yes, indeed, unlike the regular EA FC (outside of EA FC 24 Evolutions) you can upgrade your cards without spending any time or effort. Just by consuming other cards you already have. This is an excellent way to get rid of cards you are not using anyway, and to increase stats on cards you do want to use.

What EA FC Mobile modes are there?

EA FC Mobile has a Division Rivals mode, which is similar to the one found in EA FC 24. You can go head to head, or be a manager of a team and fight your way to the top ranks like that. Just like in EA FC 24, Division Rivals works asynchronous, meaning you can finish it whenever you like and there is no time pressure on when to finish the remaining matches.

Other modes are Live Events, based on real-world events like the European Championship, World Championship, Champions League, etc. There are also timed events for certain skills like dribbling and shooting. Last but not least there is a Tournament mode that follows a similar rule set to real-life tournaments, like the UEFA Champions League. In this mode you do not play with your Ultimate Team, but rather a team that plays in one of these real-world events.