Everything about the EA FC 25 Web App & Companion App

The EA Sports FC 25 (FIFA 25) Web App and Companion App are the best way to start your EA Sports FC journey. The applications give you access to your club on your pc or mobile phone and are available before the game fully releases. Open packs and manage your team on the go.

EA FC 25 Web App release

EA Sports will most likely release the Web App on the 18th of September at 8:00 PM CET. That is one day earlier than expected. If you are interested in what time that is in your timezone, you can use the time.is compare function.

What are the EA FC 25 Web App & Companion App?

Quite obviously, playing EA Sports FC 25 is done on either a console or PC. However, you might be traveling or have limited time. Well, that's where the Webb App and Companion App come into play. These apps give you the option to manage your EA Sports FC club without having access to the full game on your PC, PlayStation or Xbox. 

In this article, we are going to go over every detail of the two apps. Of course we also have a video available in case you don't feel like reading. 

EA FC 25 Web App & Companion app release date

The Web App is available via your browser. Haven't used the Web App at all yet? Then do so now, because else you will have to wait till the full EA Sports FC 25 game is available. You are required to have an active club, and this can only be done in the previous game. The Companion App is available in the iOS App Store and on Android in the Google Play Store. On both mobile platforms, the application is completely free. 

EA Sports releases the applications before the release of EA Sports FC 24. This is usually around the end of September. You can find the expected dates below, which will most likely be accurate as they are based on historical data from the previous games. 

  • 18th of September at 8:00 PM CET: Release of the EA Sports FC 24 Web App

  • 19th of September at 8:00 PM CET: Release of the EA Sports FC 24 Companion App

The Web App and Companion App usually release around 8:00 PM Central European Time, which is 7:00 PM in the United Kingdom. Together with the release of the Web App, EA usually also introduces its first Team of the Week.

To make sure you can get access right away, EA Sports has some terms and conditions you need to fulfill:

  • You created an Ultimate Team club before the 1st of August (In FIFA 23)

  • Your current EA FC account still exists on the date the app is released

  • Your account should have a positive standing (no bans).

What can you do within the EA FC 25 Web App & Companion App?

You'll be astonished at all the possibilities within the Web App and Companion App. You will have access to almost all functionalities within the full game, apart from playing the game of course. Some gamers even like the apps so much, that they fully manage their teams within them. Down below, we will list all the tools you have available to manage your club within the applications. Possibly, EA Sports will add even more functionalities this year, but for that, we will just have to wait. We will use the layout of the Web App for our examples but can guarantee you the Companion App will be much the same.

Starting screen

Upon opening the Web App, you'll be at the starting screen. Within the screen, you'll be able to quickly navigate towards the best tools and functionalities of the app, which includes your team, Squad Building Challenges, and the player market.

Are you planning on playing the Weekend League? Well, at the bottom there is even the option to trade in points for qualification. Quite perfect if you are short on time or if you forgot to qualify yourself.


The goal in FIFA Ultimate Team is to assemble your dream football team. Within the Web App and Companion App you have every tool available to make that dream team come true. Under the tab active selection you will find your current team, and you will be able to make changes to it. Both to the players and your tactic. Did you assemble multiple teams? Then selection management will show you an overview.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

Through Squad Building Challenges you have the option to swap in players for unique rewards. These are namely EA Sports FC 25 packs and players that are not available on the regular market. Both the Web App and Companion App allow you to complete SBCs. Some players might even say completing these within the apps instead of the game is more convenient. This of course is personal preference. With the selection picker you have a quick way to exchange the players needed to complete a challenge. Be aware: the chance of you swapping a player you actually wanted to keep is pretty high. Thread carefully.


Just like regular football, EA Sports FC 25 has a virtual transfer market. Next to getting a player out of a FIFA pack, this is the perfect way to purchase your favorite player. The transfer market is also available on the Web App & Companion App.


Since FIFA 21, it is possible to customize the stadium you play in. And not surprisingly, this is also possible within the Web App and Companion App. You can see all the attributes available to you in the app. Although this is possible within the app, we still recommend you to do this in game. Quite simply because you cannot see your stadium in the app and thus cant judge the changes you are making.


Opening packs is an important part of the game, and you can open these within the Web App and Companion App. Both packs that you buy in the shop and that you earn by playing the game can be opened in the apps.


The club section gives you access to all your items that are available within your club. These are your players, staff and consumables. Next to that the apps have one unique feature that is not available within the game: restore your discarded (quick sale) players.

Every thirty days you have the option to restore up to five discarded players. Did you discard a player by accident, or did you own the same player twice? No worries, you can get them back if you want to.


Last but not least, you can also view all your rankings. From both your friends, as well as all other EA Sports FC players. We recommend checking out the 'profit from trading' tab to see how much profit or loss you have accumulated so far.

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