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One of the biggest new features in EA FC 24 are Evolutions. However, to newer players, these can be quite confusing. How do EA FC 24 Evolutions work? And are all EA FC 24 Evolutions worth it? In this article, we will do a deep dive into EA FC 24 Evolutions.

Quite simply, Evolutions are a way for EA FC 24 players to improve the statistics of certain cards they have. Not all cards are eligible for Evolutions, and all Evolutions can only be activated and completed within a certain period.

How do EA FC 24 Evolutions work?

As the name suggests, Evolutions improve the base stats of certain cards. Each Evolution has multiple stages. Some of them have four stages, others three or two. Each stage requires players to finish a set of objectives. This can be anything, and can often be finished in Squad Battles (min Semi-Pro difficulty) or Rivals. Examples of these objectives are finishing several matches with the player you want to evolve or score a certain amount of goals with the player. Obviously, this highly depends on the player's position on the pitch. Midfielders for example will mostly get assist targets. Evolutions can not be finished in co-op game modes.

Which Evolutions are worth it?

First of all, the free Evolutions are always worth it. The 150.000 coins (2000 FC Points) are worth it for certain cards, and only for players that are willing to complete the challenges until the last stage. Below we will go over each available Evolution at the moment and will tell you which players are popular.

Trailblazer Centre Back (free) - Worth It

As this one is free, it's worth it. The most popular players for this evolution are currently Chalobah (marketprice 1000 coins), Lenglet (700 coins), and Kehrer (700 coins). Even though this evolution is worth it, we only recommend doing it for players with a low budget. This is definitely the worst Trailblazer Evolution currently available. Trailblazer Centre Back is available until the 16th of November.

Trailblazer Striker (free) - Worth It

The second Trailblazer Evolution, Striker, is worth it. It's free and we recommend doing it with players like Nketiah (800 coins), Dennis (700 coins), or Origi (600 coins).

Trailblazer Striker is available until the 16th of November.

Centurions Sharpshooter (free) - Worth It

Source: Futwiz

The best free Evolution, the Centurions Sharpshooter, comes highly recommended. Pedro Netro (snipe for 20.000 coins) is the best upgrade available. Then comes Bamba (4000 coins) and Hwang Hee Chan (1000 coins).

Centurions Sharpshooter is available until the 27th of November.

Centurions Box-to-Box Midfielder (150.000 coins/2000 FC Points)

The Centurions Box-to-Box Midfielder Evolution is worth it for some players. The best player in this Evolution is without a doubt Marcos Llorente (5000 coins), followed by Bennacer (4000 coins), and Tchouameni (3800 coins). As this Evolution is not easy to complete, please make sure you have enough time to do it. We recommend finishing the Evolution in Squad Battles. Centurions Box-to-Box Midfielder is available until the 27th of November.

Centurions Upgrade (free) - Not worth it

We do not recommend doing this upgrade as none of the players is worth it unless you already own and use one of the players available in this upgrade. Like Dunk, Muniain or Andrich. Centurions Upgrade is available until the 27th of November.

Centurions Striker (free) - Worth it

Source: Futwiz

The Centurions Striker is another free Evolution we recommend doing. The best players for this are Depay (snipe for 10.000 coins), Guirassy (600 coins), and Jao Felix (1200 coins). Centurions Striker is available until the 27th of November.

Centurions Centre Back (free) - Worth it

A free Evolution that is worth it for players like Gvardiol (snipe for 10-12k coins), Medina (700 coins), and Konate (1000 coins). Centurions Centre Back is available until the 27th of November.

Centurions Attacking Mid (150.000 coins/2000 FC Points)

We do not particularly like this Evolution, especially with a cost of 150.000 coins. Some players like Lee Kang In, Toone and Havertz however are worth it if you already own them and can spare the points. This is worse than the Box-to-Box Evolution.

Centurions Attacking Mid is available until the 27th of November.

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