Team Gullit's Levi de Weerd wins eDivisie 2024 with Ajax

eDivisie stream

Levi de Weerd has won the eDivisie 2023-2024 title once again, together with his teammate Paulo 'Phzin' Henrique Chavez. In the finals, they defeated PSV in what is already considered one of the best and most nerve-wracking conclusions ever in an EA FC (FIFA) game.

Levi de Weerd and Paulo 'Phzin' Henrique Chavez represented Ajax this eDivisie season, while PSV managed to sign two of the best players of last season: Emre Yilmaz (eChampions League winner 2023) and Manuel Bachoore (World Cup winner 2023). Both Emre, Manuel, and Levi are part of the best EA FC team in the world: Team Gullit. As expected, the finals turned out to be a stunning one.

Ajax managed to win the first game, where Levi de Weerd beat Emre Yilmaz. In the second game, Manuel beat Phzin, which meant the winner would be decided by a third and final game. That game turned out to be an absolute rollercoaster, with a 1-1 draw during regular time, followed by a 2-1 lead for PSV. In the 121st minute, the extra time of the second leg of the extension, Phzin managed to score the 2-2. The penalties went five for five as well, but would finally be decided at the 7th penalty where Phzin managed to score and make an incredible save with Van Der Sar.

eChampions League Tickets

Winning the eDivisie rewarded Ajax with the trophy (the schaal in Dutch), 20.000 euro's in prize money and two tickets for the eChampions League. Since both were already qualified for the EA Sports FC 24 World Championship, their third (substitute) player Max Koelemaij managed to win a ticket for that event.

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