OMEN becomes exclusive PC hardware partner Team Gullit

Picture of Dani Visser from Team Gullit, announcing the partnership between OMEN and Team Gullit.

AMSTERDAM, July 19, 2022 — Team Gullit today announced a new partnership with OMEN, HP’s premium gaming brand. OMEN thus becomes the exclusive PC hardware partner of Ruud Gullit’s FIFA academy. The partnership focuses on producing content from the new Team Gullit HQ.  

The collaboration between Team Gullit and OMEN will focus on content creation: a direction that Team Gullit has deliberately taken. The FIFA academy will soon open its new HQ, a place where players must be able to perform at their best and both the players and the team can create content for the social media channels. With over 150,000 followers, Team Gullit has been one of the largest FIFA esports teams worldwide for years. 

‘’For us, the timing of the collaboration is ideal. We will be officially opening our new Team Gullit HQ soon; a unique place that meets all needs of the players and us,’’ says Corné Dubelaar, founder of Team Gullit. ‘’OMEN desktops not only make the room look incredible, they also provide us with the power we need to take our content game to the next level from the launch of FIFA 23.’’

Sue Sue Au, Marketing Manager Personal Systems & Gaming at HP, said: ‘’We are pleased and proud to partner with one of the best FIFA esports teams in the world. Team Gullit is professional, stands for quality and is ambitious, which fits perfectly with the values of OMEN. When you think of FIFA, you don’t easily connect that with laptops or desktops. However, they are gamers who, in addition to their consoles, also need a PC to play PC games. Besides that, they have calls on Discord, stream on Twitch and edit videos for YouTube. At OMEN, it doesn’t matter what you play or what level you are — We champion the journey of everyone who plays.’’

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