Manuel Bachoore Wins FIFAe World Cup

Manuel Bachoore with the FIFAe World Cup trophy, together with Renzo Oemrawsingh.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — Last night, Team Gullit player Manuel Bachoore secured victory in the FIFAe World Cup. The Dutch Bachoore emerged triumphant in the thrilling final after a penalty shootout. With this achievement, he cemented his position as the world's best FIFA player, taking home $300,000.

Manuel Bachoore has long been recognized as one of the greatest talents in the FIFA gaming scene, with three Dutch championships and qualification for the FIFA World Cup 22 being his most significant accomplishments. After reaching the quarterfinals of the World Cup last year but falling short, the 18-year-old FIFA player managed to claim victory this year. Consequently, he becomes the first Dutch winner of the FIFAe World Cup since 2006.

The trophy win adds to the string of successes achieved by Team Gullit players. In the FIFA 23 season, the team previously secured victory in the EA Sports Cup, the eDivisie, and the eChampions League, with the latter being presented to the team by none other than their "boss" Ruud Gullit.

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