Emre Yilmaz wins the FIFA 23 eChampions League

Team Gullit player Emre Yilmaz has been crowned as the best player of Europe after winning the eChampions League in FIFA 23. Yilmaz beat Italian player Lucio "HezerS" Vecchione with a score of 6-3 in the finals.

FIFA fans know Emre Yilmaz has been one of the strongest players in the scene this year. He has shown incredible resilience by coming out of the knockout stage unbeaten. During the final stage, Yilmaz managed to beat reigning World Champion Umut Gültekin in the semi-finals before beating Italian player HezerS in the Grand Finals. 

With the win, Emre takes home 75.000 dollars and 150.000 air miles provided by Turkish Airlines. More importantly, he takes home the trophy with the big ears handed to him by none other than Team Gullit owner Ruud Gullit, who made the journey to Istanbul where the finals took place.

FIFA 23's eChampions League

The eChampions League is the digital variant of the biggest tournament in the world, the Champions League. Players have to go through several stages to take part in the finals: from qualifiers to the group stages, and the knockout stage. Only eight players are allowed to participate in the finals, which take place in the same city as the physical Champions League. The eChampions League has a total prize pool of 200.000 dollars. 

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