Everything you need to know about EA FC 24 PlayStyles

One of the newly introduced features in EA FC 24 is PlayStyles. The best players in the game have them; sometimes, they are incredibly overpowered. But what exactly are the EA FC 24 PlayStyles, and which are the best? By reading this guide, you know exactly which PlayStyles are and which fit your playstyle best.

What are EA FC 24 PlayStyles?

Let's first discuss what the EA FC24 PlayStyles exactly are. PlayStyles are special traits that can be assigned to a player. EA based this on real-life data from Opta, so the PlayStyles often fit the player and reflect how they play in real life. When a player has a PlayStyle, that player will be better at specific things than players who don't have that PlayStyle. For example, suppose your player has the Finesse shot PlayStyle. In that case, they will perform the Finesse shot better than a player who doesn't have that PlayStyle.

You can look at the PlayStyle like it's an upgrade for your players, but it doesn't end there. Because some players also have a PlayStyle+, which is even better than the normal PlayStyles. Having a player on your team with a PlayStyle+ can make the difference in EA FC24. So, PlayStyles are an essential part of player selection in EA FC24.

In total, there are 34 different PlayStyles across 6 different categories. Any player can have multiple PlayStyles and PlayStyle+, which you can see in the player's bio. Normal PlayStyles are gray, while PlayStyle+ are gold.

Below is a description of every Playstyle sorted by category and how good they are. In addition to the best PlayStyles, a few players with access to the PlayStyle+ will also be listed.

EA FC 24 scoring PlayStyles

Finesse shot: Perform finesse shots faster with additional curves and improved accuracy. The finesse shot PlayStyle+ is incredibly strong, and it's advisable to have a player in your team that has access to it. For example: Son, Salah or Griezmann.

Dead ball: Set pieces are delivered with increased speed, curve, and accuracy. The ball trajectory line is longer. The dead ball PlayStyle+ is really good to have on your team. It makes your free kicks almost a guaranteed goal. So it's good to have someone like Maddison, Pirlo, or Szoboszlai on your team or on the bench whenever such a situation arrives.

Power shot: Performs power shots faster and with increased speed.

Power header: Performs header with increased power and accuracy.

Chip shot: Performs chip shots faster and with greater accuracy.

EA FC 24 Passing PlayStyles

Whipped pass: All crosses are highly accurate, travel faster, and have more curves. This is one of the best PlayStyle+ to have on your team. If you have a winger that has this PlayStyle+, your crosses will be so much more dangerous. So, having a player like Hansen, Frimpong, or Leāo is worth the investment.

Pinged pass: Passes travel along the ground without impacting the trapping difficulty of the receiver. This PlayStyle is really nice to have on your midfielders, and it doesn't even have to be the PlayStyle+.

Incisive pass: Through passes are more accurate, swerve passes are delivered with more curves, and precision passes travel faster to the destination. The same applies to this one. It is nice to have this PlayStyle on your midfielders, but getting a player with the PlayStyle+ is not worth it.

Tiki Taka: Executes difficult first-time ground passes with high accuracy, using backheels when contextually appropriate. Short-distance ground passes are highly accurate.

Long Ball Pass: Lob and lofted through passes are more accurate, travel faster and are more difficult to intercept.

EA FC 24 Defending PlayStyles

Anticipate: Improved chances of standing tackle success and grants the ability to stop the ball directly at their feet when performing standing tackle. The anticipated PlayStyle+ is the best for the defenders and is really good to have on your team. Varan, Thiago Silva, and Van Dijk are good options to strengthen your defense line.

Jockey: Increased max speed of sprint jockey and improved transition speed from jockey to sprint. Jockey is a very effective way of defending, so having a player with the Jockey Playstyle+ can make defending easy. Players like Koundé, James, and Hendrich have the PlayStyle+ available.

Block: Increased reach when performing blocks and improved ability to make a successful block. Like the jockey PlayStyle+, the Block PlayStyle+ is really nice to have on your defenders. Casemiro, Puyol, or Araujo are good investments for your team.

Bruiser: Greater strength when performing physical tackles.

Slide tackle: Grants the ability to stop the ball directly at their feet when performing a slide tackle.

Intercept: Increased reach and improved chances of retaining possession of the ball when performing interceptions.

EA FC 24 Ball Control Playstyles

First touch: Has reduced error when trapping the ball and is able to transition to dribbling faster with greater control. This is a really good PlayStyle+, especially when combined with another player with the Pinged Pass PlayStyle+ on your team. This is a PlayStyle+ you want to look for in your striker. Alexia Putellas, Kane, and Bergkamp are good options.

Technical: Reaches higher speed when performing controlled sprints and performs wide turns when dribbling with more precision. It's one of the better PlayStyle+ to have on midfielders or attackers. Ribery, Messi, and Bernardo Silva all have access to this PlayStyle+.

Rapid: Reacher has higher sprint speed when dribbling and has a reduced chance of error when sprinting or performing knock-ons. This playstyle+ is really nice to have on your wingers as it enables them to utilize their speed to get past your opponent's defense. Henry, Leāo, and Dembélé all have access to this PlayStyle+.

Press proven: Keeps close control of the ball while dribbling at jog speed and can shield the ball more effectively from stronger opponents. This is a nice PlayStyle to have, and it doesn't really have to be the PlayStyle+ to be effective.

Flair: Fancy passes and shots are performed with improved accuracy. Performs flair animation when contextually appropriate.

Trickster: Grants the ability to perform unique flick skill moves.

EA FC 24 Physical PlayStyles

Quick step: Accelerates faster during explosive sprints. This is the best PlayStyle of the Physical category. The speed boost is really good and surprises the opponent. Mbappé, Ronaldo, and Vinicius Jr. are players you could look for.

Trivela: Contextually triggers' outside of the foot' passes and shots. The trivela Playstyle+ is also a strong contender for best PlayStyle. Players like Modric, de Jong, or Pogba can use the trivela shot with great accuracy and power, making the already good shot even better.

Relentless: Increased fatigue recovery during half-time and extra time. Increases duration of teammate contain and partition team press. This is also a very nice PlayStyle to have on your midfielders, and like others, it doesn't even need to be a PlayStyle+ to be effective.

Aerial: Performs higher jumps and has improved aerial physical presence.

Long throw: Performs throw-ins with increased power to cover a greater distance.

Acrobatic: Performs volleys with improved accuracy and has access to acrobatic volley animations.

EA FC 24 Goalkeeping PlayStyles

Cross claimer: Goalkeepers will try intercepting a cross if they can get to it slightly before the opponent. For the goalkeeper PlayStyles, there are no players with PlayStyle+, but the cross-claimer PlayStyle is probably the best to look for in a keeper.

Far throw: Goalkeepers can target players further away with thrown passes. After cross claimer, the far throw PlayStyle is really useful as it can give you more opportunities to play with.

Footwork: Goalkeepers will perform saves with their feet more frequently, allowing for more saves on close-range shots.

Rush out: The Goalkeeper is more aggressive when coming out of the box to gather over-the-top or long-through balls.

And those were all the PlayStyles in EA FC24. Some of them are good, and some are bad, but now you understand which to use and which players to look for to build your team.

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