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The official release date of EA Sports FC 24 is September 29th, with some extra benefits for people who pre-order one of the EA Sports FC 24 editions. One benefit of the Ultimate Edition is getting 7 days of EA Sports FC 24 Early Access. We have listed several important EA Sports FC 24 Early Access tips for you.

With the Ultimate Edition of EA Sports FC 24, you can start playing from September 22nd and onward, with no time restriction. An EA Play Subscription gives you 10 hours of early access play.

In the video above, Team Gullit player and coach Renzo shares some tips for getting the most out of Early Access. This is a video is of a previous iteration, but most of the tips are still relevant this year.

Cancel your EA Play subscription early

So it would help if you had an EA Play subscription to play EA Sports FC 24 early. You can choose to pay for a subscription per month or per year year. Do you only want an EA Play membership for the ten hours of extra playing time? Then we recommend cancelling it at the end of September. This way you only pay for a month of EA Play.

Are you planning to buy EA Sports FC Points? Do this while the EA Play membership is active. You will then receive a 10% discount. EA Play costs €4.99 per month and gives you the following:

  • Try EA Sports FC 24 for 10 hours starting September 22nd

  • Exclusive rewards such as XP boosts and FUT packs in EA Sports FC 24

  • Access dozens of other EA titles

Spend EA Sports FC Points and open packs

Are you planning to spend EA Sports FC Points at the start of EA Sports FC 24? Then you have the option to purchase these points in FIFA 23. When you start the football game, you get the one-off option to transfer points to your new account. This is a one-off, so don't click away too quickly when this pop-up appears on your screen.

Our advice is to open your packs on the EA Sports FC 24 Web App during the Early Access period to save time. You can spend your playing time much better to make an excellent start to EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. It is also recommended to complete the Squad Building Challenges on the web app. Without realizing it, you can spend much time puzzling over an SBC. You should, therefore, preferably play matches during you Early Access playtime (if you have limited time due to a subscription). The rest should be done in the web app.

Opening packages on the console is, of course, much more fun than on the web app. If you prefer to do this anyway, wait until the full game is out. You can also choose to purchase the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition of course giving you seven full days of early access. In that case, our advice is to open the packages as soon as possible so that you can boost your coin wealth and, for example, buy your dream team for a better price. You can even decide to invest and focus on earning coins.

Play Division Rivals in EA Sports FC 24!

Division Rivals is the go-to mode in our opinion. After all, with the current point system, you can quickly move up the ranks and unlock valuable rewards. Since FIFA 23, Division Rivals has the same competitive structure as the Weekend League. This allows you to unlock even more rewards within Division Rivals, among other things.

As in previous years, you will receive weekly rewards. Since only a few people are playing EA Sports FC 24 with Early Access, it's easier to get a higher rank than when the full game is out.

Don't want to compete against other players online? Or do you prefer to play offline matches? Then you can always decide to play Squad Battles. The rewards aren't as great, but decent enough in the beginning to unlock coins and rewards. However, if we had to choose, we advise you to focus on Division Rivals.

Ultimate Team Draft

Do you have EA Sports FC points and patience, and do you see yourself as an above-average player? Then play the Online Draft. If you can make it to the finals of the Ultimate Team Draft sixty percent of the time or even win it, then our advice is to play as many Drafts as possible. This is a very effective way to spend your points. You need 15,000 coins or 300 EA Sports FC Points to start a Draft. You can get two 7.5k packs for 300 points in the store. If you get far in the Draft, you can win rewards such as 45,000 coins, a Jumbo Rare Players Pack (100k value) and much more. Even the worst rewards for winning the Draft are better than buying packs from the shop.

If you aren't as confident in yourself, the Single Player Draft is also an option. Winning a Single Player Draft will also get you much better rewards than buying packs directly from the shop.

EA Play Subscription? Close the game!

The last tip may be simple, but certainly not unimportant. Close the game if you need to leave for a while, for example, for a bathroom or meal break! If you stay online within the game, this will be deducted from the ten hours of playing time. This is, of course, devastating to your early success. When you start EA Sports FC in the Early Access period, you will always see how much time you have left.

More information about EA Sports FC

You may want more information about EA Sports FC before purchasing the game. The formula of the football game remains unchanged as in previous years. However, you can find all the new features in EA Sports FC 24 on our website.

Another key factor into having a great start in EA Sports FC is the EA Sports FC 24 Web App & Companion App, which allows you to open packs and assemble your team on the go on iOS, Android, And Windows.

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