The Best Defending Tips In FIFA 22

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Are you wondering why you’re conceding so many goals and do you want to get better at defending in FIFA 22? Here are some tips that pro players take for granted, but many casual players may not know about.

When reading about defending tips, you might use tips like “use second man press” and other similar methods. In this article, however, we’ll mainly be talking about using several D-pad options to get better at defending. By mastering these options, you will no longer need to close all the gaps manually.

1. Striker Drop Back Instruction

When pressing down on the D-pad, a menu pops up offering several options. We’ll start with ‘Striker Drop Back’, which can be enabled when pressing upwards on the D-pad. When disabled, your strikers won’t put pressure on the opponent’s midfield when they’re passing the ball around on your half. With Striker Drop Back enabled, however, they will. Ideally, you’ll want to first use your strikers to pressure the midfielders. If you don’t, the opponent will have enough time to find a pass and be a danger around your box.

Use Striker Drop Back to have your strikers mark the midfielders tighter, so they won’t have as much time to work with the ball. If you switch to defending with your attackers, they’ll be on the opponent’s player much sooner. It also helps you keep your defensive shape, as your midfielders and defenders won’t be pulled out of position, which would only leave more space for your opponent to move around in. Because remember: when defending, it’s all about making it as hard as possible for your opponent to create chances.

It may not be your favorite strategy because everyone wants to use their attackers to attack after all. But a strong offense starts with a great defense.

2. Offside Traps

One of the essential things while defending in FIFA 22: offside traps. To activate it, press down on the D-pad to open the menu and then down again to perform an offside trap. It will take your defenders about a second to step into line when enabling this instruction, but when used correctly, it can be very effective. But it can only be done correctly when you press to enable the offside trap at precisely the right moment. In some situations, it can be risky, but it’s worth the reward.

The thing about offside traps is that you want to keep a high defensive line. This prevents your opponent’s strikers from easily getting into the box, where they’re, of course, at their most dangerous. Especially in FIFA 22, where people can play a driven pass into a striker’s feet to give them a chance up close. Pushing your defense up also makes it harder for the opponent to find space to shoot from outside the box, which is pretty effective in FIFA 22. Even during build-up play, you’ll want to keep a high defensive line to make it difficult for your opponent to get into the dangerous areas of the pitch.

3. Overload Ball Slide

If you played FIFA 20, you’re probably more than familiar with this one, as it was a very effective tactic in that instalment. To activate ‘Overload Ball Side’, press down on the D-pad to open up the menu and then right on the D-pad. When you enable this instruction, all your players will move to the side of the pitch where the ball is located. If, for example, you decide to attack the opponent’s left back, even your left back and left winger will move up the pitch to press as a team. Because of this tactic, your opponent might find his striker surrounded by four or five of your players.

Overload Ball Side is a tricky tactic. Your stamina will be drained heavily if you use it throughout the game. The developers introduced this tactic to give players a chance to counter the ‘park the bus’ playing style because passing it slowly around the back will be much harder when facing this. So you’ll want to use it in the dying seconds of a game only when you need to throw everything at your opponent to create chances.

We hope you guys enjoyed these defensive tips. We’re very sure that you’ll get great results and improve a lot as a FIFA player by mastering these tips.

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