This is how you defend every attack in FIFA 23

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A lot of players underestimate the fact that the defense in FIFA 23 is very important. Everybody firstly focuses on the attack, but a good defense wins, just like in real-life football. With the FIFA 23 defense tips below, you will be able to fend off any attack. Because of this, you get fewer goals against you, you can win more games, and you get a bigger chance to receive better rewards.

Use the Jockey button

Like last year, the jockey button is one of the most important things to use while defending in FIFA 23. When using the jockey function, the defender will position itself better towards the attacker, and you can intercept the ball more easily. We always advise keeping some distance, about one meter, and then waiting for the attacking party to take action. If you think you've got the move, it's time to step up the pressure and intercept the ball.

The jockey is the L2 button on the PlayStation and on the Xbox its the LB button. You can combine this with the sprint button (R2 on PlayStation and RB on Xbox). Be careful because this makes your player less agile. This can be useful, for example, when defending against fast-wingers.

You need to practice and explore how to use the jockey button the best way. It's not necessary to press it all the time. Just try to switch a lot, and if you get a sprint duel or you need to block some space, opt to use the sprint button and don't use the jockey button.

Minimize the use of the tackle button

The jockey button is, in most situations, enough to receive the ball from your opponent. If you're close to the attacker and use this button, the player snatches the ball from your opponent. This means that the tackle button is not necessary. We advise you to use the tackle button as little as possible. You can make a foul faster, leading to a dangerous standard situation for the opposing team. A tactical foul is, of course, sometimes necessary, just like in real football.

Slides are the last option

We can say the same about the sliding as with tackling. Sliding is the last option if you think there is no way to intercept the ball or the attack. It is a significant risk because the opponent is gone if you do not intercept the ball. So only use it in emergencies!

Second man press

The second man and the second man press towards the attacker are back in FIFA 23. Because of this, you can put extra pressure on the opposing team. To do this, you need to use R1 on the PlayStation and RT on the Xbox when defending. When you press this button, a green arrow will appear above the player, which will automatically apply extra pressure to the player with the ball for you. The second-man press is convenient when you want to put down extra pressure. Especially when defending just before the box area. It is tempting to use this all the time, but definitely don't do this! This lets you quickly put players out of position, creating many dangerous spaces behind the defense.

Player switching

In player switching, there is a lot to gain for many players. It is still often underestimated how valuable it is to master player switching. In FIFA 23, you have three options to switch players. The most famous is the L1 or LT button. This allows you to change players quickly. In your settings, you can choose whether to switch to the player closest to the ball or another player close by. Obviously it is not always a given that one of these players are the best to switch to. It is, therefore, advisable to master the player switching with the right joystick. This gives you more freedom to select the right player. It ensures less stress andgoogl unnecessary switching to other players. In tight situations, every second counts. If you take too long to change players, you may have already conceded a goal.

Shielding passes in FIFA 23 This comes back in every FIFA: how do you defend against potentially fatal passes. In the counter-attack, using the spaces behind the defense is very useful. You want to cover this as much as possible, which you do by shielding the passing directions and running lines of the players.

In FIFA 23, through balls are very dangerous. These are long balls that one tries to pass over the defensive line. Know in time if there is room for this and recognize this. You do this by switching to the right defender and ensuring you are always one step ahead of the attacker. Instead of putting pressure on the ball, you want to follow the attacker who makes a dangerous run and tries to get behind the defense.

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This is how you defend every attack in FIFA 23

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