The Best Skill Moves in FIFA 22

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Who doesn’t love some real good skill moves? Just like in real life, doing tricks with the ball is a sign of pure skill. Apart from the fact that you can create great opportunities to score with the right skill move, it’s also just very fun and could give you that little edge over your opponent to win the mental warfare.

In FIFA 22 there are so many skill moves available, we could easily imagine you have no idea where to start. That’s why we are giving you a helping hand by picking the best skill moves and also teaching you how to use them properly. Are you ready to make every opponent crazy with your freshly learned moves? Let’s get going!

Spin Left / Spin Right (4*)

The first move we want you to master has a very simple name and is just as simple to execute but can be deadly when used correctly. As the name suggests, this skill moves allows you to do a quick spin left or right, which makes it hard to defend. Because the player uses his body to block off the ball, opponents will have a hard time stealing the ball from you. Apart from that, it also looks very fancy, and especially players with a high pace can blast past a defender with ease after this. Lastly, you will also set yourself up for a great angle to take a shot at a goal when you perform this move at the right moment.

Be aware though, this skill move takes some time to master since there is another skill move that almost uses the same controls. This is why we highly suggest you practice this move over and over again before using it in real games.

Spin Left: Hold R1 + roll RS counterclockwise from bottom to left

Spin Right: Hold R1 + roll RS counterclockwise from bottom to left

Shot Cancel

Having a hard time beating a defender 1-on-1? Then this ‘skill move’ might be something for you. We put this in quotation marks because this one is not categorized as a skill move, but we surely think it should belong there. The Shot Cancel doesn’t look as flashy as other moves in this article but is effective. You simply pretend to shoot, but then you cancel this and turn the other way immediately. This way you lure the opponent in defending the wrong direction and create some space for yourself to perform the real shot.

What makes the Shot Cancel hard to defend is the fact that the move is really quick. On the other hand, the timing on this move is also very hard, so you could label this as a high-risk, high-reward move. It is worth practicing this though since it will come in handy multiple times in a match. You can also perform the move with a lot of players, so you don’t need to have Neymar or Messi on your team.

Shot Cancel: Load up your shot (2,5-3 bars), press RT + LT, and turn your LS in the opposite direction of where you were going at first

Speed Boost

This seems a bit unfair in a ‘skill move’ article, but using speed boost is important and should be one of your go-to moves while playing. One of the reasons is the fact that this move is not hard but can be very effective when used correctly. We advise you to use players with high acceleration and high agility. These two traits make the move extremely powerful.

The move itself is not so special. First you just calmly dribble with the ball and when the time is right you sprint in the direction you want. This way you speed past a defender without giving them time to react. This is what makes the move very good and hard to defend.

Speedboost: Dribble while holding L1, then let go of L1 and press R2 while choosing a direction

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