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Of course, scoring goals is the most fun thing to do in EA FC 24. It is what results in you winning games and reaching the top. Therefore we have listed six tips to score goals in EA FC 24.

An excellent play does not start with the attack. Everything depends on a reasonable and organized defense. That is why we have also listed several defensive tips. Attacking is much easier when you know you can also hold your own defensively.

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Shoot with power

New this year is the so-called Power Shot. A player will hit the ball much harder than usual by holding L1/LB & R1/RT while shooting. Note: the Power Shot animation is very long, giving a defender enough time to intercept the ball. 

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FIFA 23 Finesse Shots

Finesse shots, also known as placed shots, were one of the best ways to score a goal in FIFA 22. When using a finesse shot, it is essential to always consider the player's strongest foot. In the box, two-bar power is often sufficient. Outside the box, you quickly tend to three-bar power.

Finesse shots are powerful from a distance. In EA FC 24, the benefits from timing your shots are there, which is incredibly influential when executing finesse shots. If you time a finesse shot from a distance green, you have a good chance that the ball will fly in.

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Lobbed through balls

In earlier FIFA's, through balls were already one of the strongest ways to use in an attack. With this, you gave a through ball from midfield towards a striker who walks into space. This through ball is also called a through ball in EA FC. In EA FC 24, it is very efficient to give a lobbed through ball. In other words, a high through ball.

You perform the lobbed through ball by using the L1 + triangle button on the PlayStation and the Y + triangle button on the Xbox. As in EA FC 24, this works best when the player makes the run. The computer can do this himself, but you also have control over this. This is done by using the L1 button towards the player. Then the player in question walks forward. Please note that you do not pass the ball too late while the player is offside.

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Use the sides

Because the formations with five defenders are very popular this year, there is often a lot of space on the side. In other words, you always move to the box and look for an opportunity to use a finesse shot, for example. However, it remains very strong to vary your attacking game as much as possible, so your opponent has difficulty defending you. It is, therefore, still a powerful way to use your fast wingers and use the spaces at the side of the field.

In other words, you attack with your wingers from the side, pull into the box and place the ball with one of the free players in the sixteen-meter area. A perfect pass to use for this is the driven pass. You do this on the PlayStation with the R1 + X button and on the Xbox with the RB + A button. This pass with good speed makes it difficult for the defenders to intercept the ball. 

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Player Lock

The player lock is a feature that was first added to the game in FIFA 21. This allows you to control a player on the field who is not on the ball. This can work very well in combination with the tip we just mentioned. Suppose you run with a player on the side and see no possibility of laying off a ball; then you can control another player and let him run free to pass the ball to.

You switch on the player lock by pressing the left and right joystick at the same time. Then you switch to the player you want to control. You leave control of the player on the ball to the computer. If you wish to receive the ball, you can do this by using one of the pass buttons. Do you change your mind? No problem. By pressing the left and right joystick repeatedly, you disable the player lock option. This is something to practice once you've mastered everything else well. An advanced tip that will help you take the next step towards becoming an outstanding FIFA player.


This article provides tips to improve your attacking game in EA FC 24. The ultimate goal is to score more goals and win matches. The best thing is to eventually take all your tips into improving your game. If you always attack in the same way, it becomes very easy for your opponent to defend. Try to vary your attack game as much as possible. This makes you unpredictable, difficult to defend and you create more opportunities.

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