EA FC 24 Tackling: This is how you do it!

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Sometimes, defending can be a hard task in EA FC 24, and the jockey button just isn't enough. If that's the case, you can use EA FC 24 tackling, which we described down below. Because in EA FC 24, there are different kinds of tackles that you can use in different scenarios. You will know exactly which to use in each situation with the tips below.

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EA FC 24 tackling controls

The first thing you must know about tackling in EA FC24 is how to perform them. The controls described in this article will be according to the classic controller settings. There are three main tackles in EA FC 24. The slide tackle and standing tackle, and in EA FC24, a new advanced setting changes your contain into another type of tackle. You can use the slide tackle by pressing square on PlayStation or X on Xbox, the standing tackle by pressing circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox, and lastly, use contain by pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox. 

EA FC 24 Standing tackle 

The standing tackle is the most commonly used type of tackle and is, generally speaking, the best tackling type. You want to use the standing tackle when your opponent is in your box or in a 1v1 defending situation where you must get the ball. But due to the simplicity of performing the standing tackle, you can use it everywhere.

Although the standing tackle can be used anywhere and is very versatile, it does have its drawbacks. You can get in real trouble if you perform the standing tackle and miss. Your defending player will be gone, resulting in a huge space your opponent can use. So be careful, and don't be overly eager to use the standing tackle.

EA FC 24 R1 standing tackle

Next to the standard standing tackle, you can also use the R1 standing tackle. This is a slightly more aggressive version of the standard standing tackle and can be performed by holding R1 for PlayStation or RB for Xbox and pressing the standing tackle. This tackle, however, is very dangerous to use, and it is advisable never to use it.

EA FC 24 slide tackle

Another option you can use is the slide tackle. It is a very popular tackle but comes with greater risk than the standing tackle. Using the slide tackle as a last resort is most advisable, but there are situations in which the slide tackle shines.

The slide tackle is at its best when your opponent is on a counterattack or if he plays the ball too far forward. The best position for the player is to come from the side or slightly behind the opponent. So, don’t hesitate to slide in when such an opportunity arises. But be careful because the slide tackle is more prone to get you a yellow or red card. So, don't take unnecessary risks, and don’t overdo it.

Two tips to keep in mind are that it's easier to slide tackle with taller players and that EA FC24 introduced PlayStyle+ slide tackle. Players with that PlayStyle+ are far better at slide tackling, so it’s easier to use.

EA FC 24 Advanced defending

Last but not least is the new setting in EA FC24: Advanced Defending. It changes your X for PlayStation or A for Xbox to another type of tackling. When you press X for PlayStation or A for Xbox, your player will push his shoulder against the enemy and attempt to take the ball. This is probably the best way to take the ball back from your opponent so it's recommended to learn this type of tackle.

This is a very safe way to win the ball back, as it will rarely result in a foul. You use it when your defending player is side-to-side with the attacking player and is particularly good beside the sideline. Because your defenders almost always have a higher physical stat than the opponent's attackers, they will easily take the ball from them. But remember that the physical stat is important for this type of tackle.

Then, there is one last tip to take with you that counts for all tackles: practice. Every tackle has different timings, and it takes time to learn these timings. Try to use the different kinds of tackles in different types of situations and find out what works for you. It takes time and practice, but eventually, with the use of these EA FC 24 tackling tips, you will win the ball back in no time and get ready for your next attack.

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