All you need to know about EA FC 24 Shooting and Finishing

Everyone wants to win games in EA FC 24, but you have to score to achieve that, and scoring goals can be a difficult task. There are a lot of different EA FC 24 shooting and finishing types, like the EA FC 24 Trivela. Which are the best or what is the best option in certain scenarios? When you finish reading the tips below on the best way to shoot in EA FC 24, your opponent's goalie will have his hands full.

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EA FC 24 Regular shot

First up is the good old regular shot. It's the most commonly used shooting type and has been the most consistent over the years. You perform the regular shot by pressing the PlayStation circle button or Xbox's B button.

You can never go wrong with the regular shot. If you ever encounter a situation where you hesitate on which shot to make, just go for the regular shot. It has been good over the years, and it will continue to perform.

An important thing to keep in mind for the regular shot (but also for every other type) is timed shooting. Be sure to time your shot green to give yourself the best chance of scoring a goal.

EA FC 24 Trivela

Then comes the real must-know, as it is widely considered the best EA FC 24 shot: the trivela. The trivela shot is an outside-of-the-boot shot, and you perform it by holding L2 for PlayStation or LT for Xbox and pressing the shoot button. 

The trivela is very effective from outside the box as it has a lot of power but combines this with a dangerous curve. This combination of curve and power makes it almost impossible to save for the goalkeeper. The best way to utilize the trivela is to aim toward the far corner of the goal.

The trivela is especially good for players with lesser shooting stats, as it makes even their shots dangerous. It gives your attack another tool because you can take a shot with your fullbacks if the opportunity arises. Just make sure to use the trivela, and the keeper will have difficulty saving it.

Lastly, there are also players with the PlayStyle+ trivela. With these players, the trivela shot is even better, and it's certainly worth having one of those players on your team.

EA FC 24 Power shot

Next up is the power shot, which has been in the game for a couple of years but got a real upgrade in EA FC24. You perform the power shot by holding L1+R1 for PlayStation or LB+RB for Xbox and pressing the shoot button.

This year's power shot is the most powerful shot in the history of the game. You will do best to use this type of shot from outside the box. Aiming the power shot is more challenging than the regular shot, so it is less effective from closer range. The animation also takes a little longer, so a defender will probably interrupt it in a busy penalty area.

Due to its power, you can try to fire a shot from 30/35 meters if you have a midfielder with good shooting stats and create a real chance. In the worst-case scenario, you get a corner kick. Some players have the PlayStyle+ power shot, making them even better at utilizing this shot.

EA FC 24 Finesse shot

Another effective way to finish your attacks is with the finesse shot. The finesse shot is the opposite of the trivela as it is a kick with the inside of the boot. You perform the finesse shot by holding R1 for PlayStation or RB for Xbox and pressing the shooting button.

The finesse shot is your best friend inside the box. It's the most effective shooting type from short range, especially if you find yourself in a difficult position with a hard angle to shoot from. Using the finesse shot to aim for the far corner will boost your scoring capabilities from those positions.

Like all the other shots, you want to keep the shoot timing green and aim for a shot strength of two and a half or three bars.

EA FC 24 Chip shot and EA FC24 Low-driven shot

Lastly, there are also shot types you would like to avoid. In EA FC24, those shots are the chip and low-driven shots. You perform the chip shot by holding L1 for PlayStation or LB for Xbox and pressing the shoot button. To perform the low-driven shot, tap the shoot button briefly. 

But it's for the best to avoid these types of shooting types as they rarely result in goals. The regular, trivela, power, and finesse shots are all better and give you more than enough options for each situation.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will soon notice your attacks will result in more goals, and you will win more games.

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