Which EA FC 24 SBC is worth it?

One of the most common questions we get through our social media platforms is: Is this EA FC 24 Squad Builder Challenge (SBC) worth it? The answer is not always simple, as professional players with a large budget probably won't like untradeables, whereas newer players care more about the strength of their team than market values. In this article, we will discuss which EA FC 24 SBCs are worth it, and which ones are not.

For this article, we will use the most recent player prices on the PlayStation and Xbox at the time of writing this. Most often de PC prices won't be far off. Always make sure to check the latest prices for players through the EA FC 24 Web App or Companion App, one of the many database websites, or your console.

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Hybrid Leagues SBC

The first SBC we recommend for beginning players or players with a low budget is the Hybrid Leagues Foundation SBC. The Hybrid League contains four sub SBCs that are all worth more than you put into it. Give me Five is the best option, costing only 2800 coins and rewarding you with a Premium Gold Players Pack (value: 25.000 coins). First XI and The Whole Nine Yards will cost you about 6000 coins, but both will give you a pack worth 50.000 coins. Which means, a lot of value! Last is the Seven-League Boots challenge, which is still worth it for 6000 coins and rewarding you a 25.000 coin pack.

Hybdrid League SBC Solutions

Prices may vary depending on when you read this.

League and Nation Hybrid SBC

The second standard SBC we recommend doing is the League and Hybrid Nations Foundation SBC. The best value sub-SBC in this one is the Puzzle Master, coming in for 6000 coins and rewarding you with a Rare Players Pack worth 50.000 coins. Fiendish, Advanced, and The Challenger will all cost you around 6000 coins and will reward you with a 45.000, 35.000 and 30.000 coin pack respectively. This means they all contain an immense value, especially for players that are just starting out or don't care about getting untradeables!

League and Nation Hybrid SBC solutions

Prices may vary depending on when you read this.

Hybrid Nations SBC

The last Foundation SBC we recommend is Hybrid Nations. However, you should not do all of them. Final Four and Six of the Best are not worth it, in terms of pack value. But you should definitely do Elite Eight and Around the World. Elite Eight will cost you about 6500 coins and rewards you with a 50.000 coin pack. Around the World is quite expensive at 7500 coins, but does reward you with a 55.000 coin pack.

Hybrid Nations SBC solutions

More EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is the newest game from developer EA, and the first one bearing the new name after EA and FIFA could not come to an agreement. We do not expect the game to change fundamentally, but obviously, this will change in terms of support and how you would go about searching. Overall, we recommend checking out the best EA Sports FC Controller Settings, the finest EA Sports FC formations, and EA Sports FC defending and attacking tips.

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