These are the best kits in EA FC 24

Step onto the virtual pitch in style as we uncover the best EA FC 24 kits. For us, choosing the perfect kit is more than just something you need to get out of the way. It’s a statement. At least, it can be. Join us on our quest to find the best jerseys that are sure to elevate your game.

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#1 Team Gullit Home

Did you expect something different? Surely not?

The Team Gullit kit has been one of the most popular esports team vanity items every year since launching in FIFA 21. We have had some redesigns, but we ended up with this star-themed kit in dark blue with orange details. Easy to distinguish and classy, a combination that we felt was very important in a kit.

It's incredibly easy and free to get, so what are you waiting for? All you need to do is:

  • Build a team with at least 3 Dutch players

  • Win 1 game in any Ultimate Team game mode

  • Claim the kit from the FC Pro Teams Objectives.

#2 Venezia Home

If we’re talking fashion, this is probably our favourite kit apart from our own.

Venezia’s jerseys have been taking the world by storm. Kappa has produced nostalgic - almost retro-like - kits that pay homage to shirt styles from the 90s. If you want to go for a retro vibe, look no further. The kit is pretty much unique in EA FC 24 as it features no sponsor logo and has an incredibly cool club badge on there.

It’s no surprise that in most FIFA/EA FC games the Venezia kits are barely available at the start of the game. Even mid-way through the season there is a chance that you’ll need to snipe it. Luckily, kits only cost 5.000 coins. 

#3 Real Madrid Home

When playing EA FC, look for a kit that’s clean and is easily distinguishable from the other kit you use. Make it easy on the eye.

You can never go wrong with the full-white kit from Real Madrid. This one is Emre’s favorite kit in-game and some of our other players use it regularly as well. The combination of the Team Gullit kit and Real Madrid one does wonders. Dark blue and white match well and make sure that you can play all your Ultimate Team games in these two kits.

The yellow and navy details offer it something extra compared to other years. It also is widely available due to its pack weight. There are a lot of Real Madrid kits on the market.

#4 Mexico Away

Looking for something special, yet clean? Look no further.

The Mexican national team regularly has kits with great designs, and this one is no different. It’s a unique design covered with Mayan artwork and a different badge than what the team is usually going with. Just like the Real Madrid kit, this features the three stripes of Adidas and the Adidas logo on the chest.

#5 SL Benfica Away

The more stripes, the better. Right? At least, that’s what Benfica thought. And to be honest, we agree with them. This kit looks great in-game.

The away jersey of the Portuguese club is inspired by the club’s global reach. Each stripe on the front of the jersey represents one of the continents of the world. It just makes sense as SL Benfica is the second largest sports club by membership in the world. 

Black is a great base color for this design.Together with the black shorts, you will have a kit that’s easy on the eye in-game, but has incredible details when seen from nearby. Fancy some details? Make sure to score a goal with it and you’ll have a great view of those.

#6 The Netherlands Home:

We’re not going to lie: we’re suckers for kits without sponsors. And it just so happens that national teams don’t have sponsors on their shirts.

You can pretty much go with any national team you like, but for us the The Netherlands kits are the way to go. The orange grabs the attention, the details look great and we love kits that just have one primary color in it. 

#7 Young Boys Away

If you are looking for a slightly cleaner, but less iconic, kit than Real Madrid, look no further because the Young Boys Away kit is exactly that. Almost fully white, with golden letters and no stripes. Unlike their home kit, we think they once again hit the nail on this one. As they have many times in the past.

#8 Special Edition Kits

One of the newest additions to the game: glow in the dark kits. We really like these as they give an extra flair in the game. These kits also exist in real life as fourth kits, but are not glow in the dark.

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