Best Gaming Monitor for EA FC 24: Our Top Pick

This photo features Dani Visser, professional FIFA player for Team Gullit and a BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S monitor.

You might wonder, why am I still not winning all my games after watching our best EA FC 24 Controller Settings guide and implementing the best EA FC 24 Formations & Custom Tactics? Well, here at Team Gullit, we have got you covered: investing in the best FIFA 22 monitor will make the difference between night and day. 

There are countless options in the monitor world, from the size of your screen to the panel type and the refresh rate. A lot of these terms might seem daunting at first, but are fairly easy to explain. First of all, is the refresh rate, often expressed in Hertz. This means the number of times a monitor refreshes its screen, measured in refreshes per second (Hz). 

For panel type, there are three main options: in-plane switching (IPS), Vertical Alignment (VA), and Twisted Nematics (TN). Generally speaking, TN panels have the best response times but the worst color reproduction and viewing angles. IPS have the best viewing angles and very good color reproduction, but not the greatest contrast ratio (black being black). VA panels have worse viewing angles than IPS panels but improve on the contrast ratio. The fourth option would be OLED, however, OLED monitors are rare and thus very expensive. Not an option we deem fit for our FIFA fans out there.

Choosing the right size and resolution

Unlike your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, monitors come in various sizes. Traditionally, most esports athletes have played on 24.5-inch panel sizes at a full HD resolution, meaning 1920x1080 (known as 1080p). There are a few reasons for this, next to tradition. One is the fact that a lower resolution, as opposed to 1440p and 4K, results in smoother gameplay. The lower the number of pixels, the easier it gets for your console to render the game. 

Another reason is the fact that 1080p panels have been on the market for quite some time, meaning the technique behind these panels is refined. They often have the lowest response times, least amount of ghosting (after images when you are playing a fast-paced game) and are relatively inexpensive compared to bigger and higher resolution panels. Bigger is not always better.

What determines a good monitor for EA FC 24?

Several factors play into account when choosing a monitor specifically for FIFA 22. Together with the new console launches, we have seen the introduction of HDMI 2.1. This new HDMI standard allows users to play at 120 Hertz at a 4K resolution. As previously stated, this is not something we at Team Gullit specifically care about. We want to give our players the best possible tools so that they can achieve the best results in FIFA 22.

And thus, what we are looking for are several factors. First of all, response times are the most important for FIFA players. The faster your input gets registered, the better your gameplay becomes. A faster reaction to a move the opponent makes can make the difference between winning or losing. Look for anything with a stated 1 millisecond response time, and validate this by looking at reviews. 

Secondly, refresh rate. As the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 allow players to play at 120 Hertz, you want to be able to have a monitor that supports that. Any monitor that has HDMI 2.0 and a 144 Hz refresh rate or above should be a decent option. 

And the last important factor: color reproduction. After all, we want to be able to spot the tiniest details when playing FIFA: where is the opponent, where is the ball and am I able to interpret the radar? We recommend going for IPS and VA over TN panels. Even though the latter has traditionally had better response times, over the last few years the differences have become second to none.

Team Gullit's #1 Choice

BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S, 1080p resolution, 144 Hertz refresh rate, IPS panel

Picture of the BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S monitor.

Our official partner BenQ easily produces one of the best FIFA 22 monitors on the market:  the BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S. All of our players use this monitor, including Dani Visser, World Champion Manuel Bachoore, and Levi de Weerd. The monitor features a 1 millisecond response time, an IPS panel for accurate color reproduction, and a 144 Hertz refresh rate. On top of that, the monitor is fairly inexpensive, coming in at around 250 euro’s/dollars. Add to that a height-adjustable stand, and you have yourselves the best all-round FIFA monitor you can get. Are you looking for a new monitor for EA FC 24? Definitely check out this monitor in the BenQ shop!

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