EA Sports FC 24: These are all the new features

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EA FC 24 (FIFA 24) is the newest football game from the well-known game developer. Several new features need to make the game more realistic than all the other FIFA editions from the last few years. Despite the big name change of the new football game, the main features of the game will keep remaining. However, fans can expect a few big changes in the gameplay elements of the game. HyperMotionV, PlayStyles, and the enhanced Frostbite Engine will be the big features in FC 24 to bring the gameplay to a new level. 

EA FC 24 HyperMotionV

Let’s start with the HyperMotionV technology. This new technology translates the rhythm and fluidity of real-world football into FC 24. This by using volumetric data from more than 180 top-tier football game matches from the biggest competitions in the world. Thanks to this data, HyperMotionV will make each player feel unique in the game.

V in HyperMotionV stands for Volumetric Motion. This technology can track the data of all 22 players at once in a real-world football game. The result is that there are over 11.000 animations in the game. This is twice as much as last year. 

By using advanced artificial intelligence, EA brings 1.200 unique body movements to FC24. Nobody in the world moves like Erling Haaland and in the game, you will experience this. 

EA FC 24 AcceleRATE 2.0

Last year, EA brought three new acceleration types to the game: Controlled, Explosive, and Lengthy. AcceleRATE 2.0 introduces four new acceleration archetypes in FC24:

  • Controlled Explosive - 50% Explosive, 50% Controlled

  • Mostly Explosive - 70% Explosive, 30% Controlled

  • Controlled Lengthy - 50% Lengthy, 50% Controlled

  • Mostly Lengthy - 70% Lengthy, 30% Controlled

The archetypes are automatically assigned to the players, based on a combination of Acceleration, Height, Agility, and Strength attributes. Acceleration and Sprint will remain the biggest factors in how fast a player will be. These will only be available on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Kinetic Physical Play

Kinetic Shielding provides more authentic battles over the ball when a player is attempting to shield the ball from the opponent. This will also only be available on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Shield Pushbacks will allow you to create space for your opponents by pushing them away from the ball. The more difference there is between the Strength of those players, the more effective this will be. By pressing L2 | LT you will request a Shield Pushback.

A few improvements have been made to the shielding system. As with the Shield Pushback, the stronger a player is, the longer they can shield effectively. This year the impact of other Attributes to the Shielding mechanic has increased. Although Strength will still have the biggest impact on the effectiveness of shielding. You can use the shield off the ball by holding L2 | LT.

EA FC 24 PlayStyles

PlayStyles in EA FC 24 will represent the signature abilities of each player. This brings a new dimension to the game that goes beyond rating and makes every player more authentic in the game. There are two tiers of PlayStyles in FC24: PlayStyles and PlayStyles+.

The PlayStyles are the signature abilities that make all players unique. The PlayStyle+ takes these signature abilities from special to spectacular. 

There are 34 PlayStyles available in FC24, categorized into the most important Attributes of the game:

  • Scoring: Power Shot, Dead Ball, Chip Shot, Finesse Shot, and Power Header.

  • Passing: Pinged Pass, Incisive Pass, Long Ball Pass, Tiki Taka, and Whipped Pass.

  • Ball Control: First Touch, Flair, Press Proven, Rapid, Technical, and Trickster.

  • Defending: Block, Bruiser, Intercept, Jockey, Slide Tackle, and Anticipate.

  • Physical: Acrobatic, Aerial, Trivela, Relentless, Quick Step, and Long Throw.

  • Goalkeeper: Far Throw, Footwork, Cross Claimer, Rush Out, Far Reach, and Quick Reflexes. 


EA have added new Passing, Dribbling, and Shooting features in FC24. Besides that, there will be new skill moves in the game to make it difficult for your opponent to defend you. 


The Precision Pass will allow you to bend and shape the perfect pass. This is a skill-based passing mechanic, so this will require some learning. If you can master this skill and can carve out your own space and aim precisely, you will be rewarded.

Swerve on Demand allows you to Curl a Ground. Through, and Precision Ground Pass to achieve new passes in the game. Headers On Demand will make it possible to perform a quick header pass. Which can be effective to start a counterattack. This can also be used in a scoring position, to attempt a diving header. 


In FC24, four new Dribbling mechanics are introduced to give you more control over the ball. The first one is the Effort Dribble Touch, which will allow you to quickly knock the ball in any direction that you want and set up the next move. You can use the Controlled First Touch with your first touch of the ball and surprise the defender. 

The Orbit Dribble allows you to move around the ball without taking a touch. This can be used to adjust the player's body position and set up for a better shot or pass opportunity. This mechanic can be combined with the Effort Dribble which is a perfect way to outmanoeuvre the opponent. 

A new dribbling speed is introduced with Controlled Spring that is faster than a Jog, but slower than a full Sprint. This mechanic has more controlled touches and will keep the ball closer to the player. 


The changes in Shooting will improve the responsiveness in FC24. To reward the player's skill, a few adjustments have been made to the shot assistance types. The Semi-Assisted shooting is reworked in the new Precision Shooting. This is a new shooting type in the game that you can enable in the settings menu. The new mechanic must ensure more consistent shot outcomes and reward players even more for their aiming ability.

Skill Moves

There are four new skill moves added to EA FC 24:

  • Ball Roll Drag (4 Star)

  • Drag Back Turn (4 Star)

  • Flair Nutmegs (4 Star)

  • Flair Rainbow (5 Star)


New defensive elements are added to FC24 to give you more control over the defensive actions. Advanced Defending is a new setting that changes the layout of the defending buttons. This will give you the choice of what defensive action you want to launch. EA are adding hundreds of new tackles to the game, including back-heel slides, stop-ball tackles, and blocks. 

If you are using a depth higher than 45 during a match, players will try to mark opponents higher up the field and close to the ball possessor, cutting off possible passing lanes. This Zonal Defense can result in open gaps for the attacking team to exploit. If the ball is close to the sideline, the defenders will try to close down the ball carrier to reduce all the passing and support options nearby. This creates attacking opportunities for the opponent because the far side of the pitch will be more open.  There’s only one change made for goalkeepers in FC24. If a goalkeeper can’t catch the ball they will try to push a shot deflection into a safer area or out of play with the new Push Deflects.

EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is the newest game from developer EA, and the first one bearing the new name after EA and FIFA could not come to an agreement. We do not expect the game to change fundamentally, but obviously, this will change in terms of support and how you would go about searching. Overall, we recommend checking out the best EA Sports FC Controller Settings, the finest EA Sports FC formations, and EA Sports FC defending and attacking tips.

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