Dribble your way to the top with our EA FC 24 Dribbling tips

Are you tired of the endless passing around? Or does your opponent's defense seem impenetrable through passes? Then, you may use another tactic to get through: EA FC 24 dribbling. You can really show your creativity by dribbling and getting yourself out of tight situations. So, it is time for you to integrate EA FC 24 dribbling into your skillset, and with the tips below, that will be easy.

EA FC 24 Left Stick Dribbling

Of course, dribbling is one of the main parts of EA FC24, and you do it with the player holding the ball and moving the left analog stick. You can use this dribbling style with every player, but players with high agility and high dribbling stats can really easily keep your opponents guessing and create space. 

The best place to utilize the left stick dribble is beside the sideline, as it gives you many options. You can try to slip past your opponent toward the backline or go inside, and you can also try to provide a cross in front of the goal.

But besides the standard left stick dribble, you can use many different buttons to perform special dribble styles. All these dribbles will be combined with the left analog stick to perform.

EA FC 24 R1 Dribbling

Let's begin the special dribbling styles with the best in EA FC24: R1 dribbling. You perform this dribbling style by holding R1 for PlayStation or RB for Xbox and using the left analog stick.

R1 dribbling is by far the best dribble in EA FC24, and you will perform a lot better in your games if you get the hang of it. R1 dribbling allows your player to hold close control over the ball while still reaching a very high speed.

Because the player holds the ball closer to him, it is easier to slip past your opponent's defense as you can control the player better because he will react faster to your corrections. In addition, your opponent will have a hard time taking the ball when you use R1 dribbling and is more likely to foul your player.

There are also players with the PlayStyle+ technical who are even better at utilizing the R1 dribbling. Because it's the best way to dribble in EA FC24, getting a player with the technical+ style on your team is strongly advisable.

EA FC 24 L1 Dribbling

The L1 dribble gives you a way to quicken your attack easily. The player you perform this with will get a speed boost and dribble much quicker than the standard dribble. This dribbling style is especially good with players that have high speed stats.

You perform the L1 dribble by pressing L1 and R2 for PlayStation or LB and RT for Xbox in quick succession. After this, you move the left analog stick in the direction you want your player to move. If you use this dribble style correctly, your player will get a significant speedboost, which can be used to surprise your opponent. 

EA FC 24 L2+R2 Dribbling

Players from last year's game might recognize the L2+R2 dribble as it was in the game with a different button combination. The L2+R2 dribble is a little like the R1 dribble, only offering more control while sacrificing some speed. You perform this dribble by holding L2 and R2 for PlayStation or LT and RT for Xbox and moving the left analog stick. 

This dribble is good in close quarters, for example, if you’re in the opponent's penalty box and there are a lot of defenders around. You can quickly change direction and keep your opponent guessing.

EA FC 24 Right stick flick

The right stick flick is a good dribble to use if you have fast players in your team. You perform the right stick flick by running with your player, holding the ball, and flicking your right analog stick in the direction you want it to go.

When you do this, your player will launch the ball forward and run after it. You can use the right stick flick to quickly get past players out of position or try to interrupt your attack. Because your player will launch the ball forward, they could use their superior speed stats to run past the opponent's defense and create danger in front of the goal.

It's essential to first master the standard left stick dribble and then move on to the other dribbling styles. Certain situations can become more dangerous if you use the correct dribbling style. So, by using these tips and recognizing the opportunities to use the correct dribbling style, your attacks will become more effective and lead to more goals. Eventually resulting in more wins and higher rewards.

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