Everything you need to know about EA Sports FC 24 Clubs

EA Sports FC 24 Clubs is one of the most popular and most anticipated game modes. Every year EA Sports adjusts the mode to keep it fresh and entertaining for players. Will EA FC 24 Clubs have cross-play capabilities finally? You're about to find out!

One of the changes is to the name of the game mode. Instead of Pro Clubs, EA Sports has renamed the mode to just Clubs. Not a big difference, but it is a difference. So don't be confused when you see the new name of the mode popping up.

EA FC 24 Clubs Cross-Play

For the first time, cross-play is enabled in Pro Clubs. This was a much requested feature last year and EA Sports is finally bringing it to the table. Cross-play will work the same in Pro Clubs as it does in every other mode. It only works between platforms of the same generation. The Nintendo Switch version will also have Pro Clubs this time. No cross-play on the Nintendo Switch though with other consoles.

Cross-play will be enabled in many more modes, which you can find in our extensive EA Sports FC 24 cross-play article.

EA FC 24 Clubs Seasons

The Clubs mode will now be divided into seasons that are influenced by the time of year and have their rewards adjusted accordingly. Each season will have three phases: a league phase, a new promotion phase, and an end-of-season phase. Unlike previous years, resets will only happen at the end of the season so say goodbye to player relegation.

EA FC 24 Clubs Playoffs, Division Leaderboard & Skill Rating

At the end of each season, players will be locked into their current division with their club and will be able to compete in playoff matches that can increase their standing on the leaderboard. If you manage to climb up, this will result in greater end-of-the-season rewards. Thus making the playoff matches the most important aspect of EA Sports FC 24 Clubs. Next to rewards you also win unique League Trophies you can use to decorate your stadium. At the end of the season, each division will be reset meaning you can try to climb up once again. You will keep your reputation, fans, and new skill rating that EA Sports is introducing in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Clubs Fans & Reputation

Every time you play you gain fans and your club its reputation will grow. Together with your skill rating, this will allow you to track how your club is doing. More fans will mean that your club can take the next step, whether it will be a bigger stadium, or a more decorated stadium, and even attract better players to your club.

EA FC 24 Playstyles

These are finally coming to Clubs in EA FC 24. With playstyles, you can equip unique skills and enable your players to compete with the best. Think of the powershot of Haaland, that is now at your grasp. As you progress you will unlock more playstyle slots, meaning you can improve your team even more. According to the EA FC 24 developers, perks are meant to decrease your deficits, whereas playstyles are a way to boost your team in certain aspects.

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