The ins and outs of EA FC 24 Chemistry

Are you struggling to make the best team possible? That may be because your squad isn't in perfect chemistry. EA FC 24 Chemistry is a vital part of building your team, but it has a couple of rules and terms you need to which you must abide by. But fear no more because by reading the tips below, your squad will have the perfect EA FC 24 chemistry and perform better than ever!

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General EA FC 24 chemistry tips and notes

What is chemistry exactly, and why is it important? Well, chemistry plays a crucial role in the performance of your players. Each of your players can have from zero to three chemistry points, and the higher the chemistry, the better he will play, as the player will receive bonus stats according to his chemistry style. It is important to note the players will only get bonus stats, so if a player is on zero chemistry points, he won't be negatively impacted.

It is strongly recommended for the core of your formation (central midfielders, strikers, and central defenders) to be on three chemistry. If you have wingers or fullbacks who are less in ball possession or part of the game on 1 or 2 chemistry, it really isn't that much of an issue. The most important thing is that your star players are on full (three) chemistry. You should aim for a team chemistry of 26/27 at the bare minimum to get the best results.

How to get chemistry in EA FC 24

Now, onto the practical part. How do you get chemistry? In EA FC 24, there are three different categories that can earn your chemistry points. These are Nationality, League, and Clubs. 

Like in last year's game, the positional links have been removed, and every player in your team can now earn chemistry with other players. So, in EA FC 24, your left back can provide your rightwinger with points and vice versa. But for your player to get chemistry points, he or she must be in their preferred position. If you put a player in the wrong position, it will not get any chemistry points.

When you have your players in the correct positions, you can get them to full chemistry. Players can earn chemistry points by sharing the same country, league, or club with other players in your team. 

Players will get the following chemistry points by reaching the following milestones within the team:

+1 chemistry point when 2 players are from the same club or country

+1 chemistry point when 3 players are from the same league

+2 chemistry points when 4 players are from the same club

+2 chemistry points when 5 players are from the same country or league

+3 chemistry points when 7 players are from the same club

+3 chemistry points when 8 players are from the same country or league

An important note to remember is that Female footballers can link to Male footballers and vice versa to players who play for the same affiliated club. For example, Sam Kerr links to Enzo Fernandez, as they both play for Chelsea.

EA FC 24 Special cards

You can use some useful special cards to boost your team's chemistry to an acceptable level. Besides being good cards with high stats, heroes and icons have some extra benefits if it comes to chemistry points. Then there are consumables and the manager, which can also be helpful.

Heroes instantly get full chemistry, but that's not all. Heroes also count as players toward the league they represent and count double toward their nationality. For example, Ginola counts towards the Ligue 1 and double toward the French nationality.

Icons also get full chemistry but work the other way around. They count normally for nationality but double for any league. So Henry, for example, can grant two points toward the Premier League or Bundesliga, whichever you need.

Then, you can also use your manager to receive one extra chemistry point. Any player in your team that shares the nationality or league with the manager will get that point. However, the manager bonus is limited to one chemistry point per player. If a player shares both the league and nationality with the manager, the player will still only get one chemistry point.

Last but not least, you can use the League Modifier consumable to change your manager's or player's league. So, if you desperately need an extra chemistry point but don't want to change your team. You can use the consumables to change the league and obtain chemistry points.

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