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Razvan Puiu

Razvan Puiu

Razvan Puiu is a Romanian FIFA player who competes for Team Gullit. Razvan has been with us since FIFA 21 and is the true definition of a grinder.

In his first competitive season with Team Gullit, Razvan never placed lower than TOP-25 of Europe. His consistent results earned him a spot in the FIFA Global Series Playoffs where he just fell short of qualifying for the FIFAe World Cup. Razvan also qualified for the eClub World Cup together with Oliver, making TOP-8.

During his time at Team Gullit, Razvan became one of the players for the Romanian national team. He qualified for the eNations Cup, which ended up being cancelled due to COVID.


  • SONY PlayStation 5

  • BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S Monitor

  • Elgato HD60+ Capture Card

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