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Oliver Roberts

Oliver Roberts

Oliver Roberts is a Danish FIFA player who competes for Team Gullit. Oliver joined us before the start of FIFA 21 and played a major role in the successes in that season.

In his first competitive season with Team Gullit, Oliver qualified for the FIFA Global Series Playoffs and the eClub World Cup, representing Team Gullit together with Razvan. Oliver and Razvan finished in the TOP-8 and made sure Team Gullit is the highest-ranked team in Europe West. After that great result, he did not slow down and only just missed out on qualifying for his first FIFAe World Cup.

Oliver also represented AaB Aalborg during the FIFA 21 season and now plays the eSuperliga for FC Copenhagen.


  • SONY PlayStation 5

  • BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S Monitor

  • Elgato Keylight

  • Elgato HD60+ Capture Card

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