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Giovanni Bakhuijsen

Giovanni Bakhuijsen

Giovanni Bakhuijsen is a Dutch FIFA player who competes for Team Gullit. Giovanni has won our Dutch FIFA talent television show The Next E-Talent: Team Gullit.

Our talent show had over 2.500 applications and had the contestants face in-game, mental and physical challenges in order to show that they deserved the contract at Team Gullit. Giovanni impressed with his FIFA skills and battled his way to a contract.

Giovanni has since improved a lot and only just missed qualification for the eChampions League. In the eDivisie, he is the third player for Vitesse, behind Levi de Weerd and Manuel Bachoore.


  • SONY PlayStation 5

  • BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S Monitor

  • Elgato HD60+ Capture Card

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